Welcome to the International SIRT Users' Network.

SIRT Users' Network is an International web-based network of motivated multidisciplinary clinicians and scientists (clinical oncology, interventional radiology, imaging, nuclear medicine and surgery) joining together from a number of European countries to share best practice, clinical experiences, patient information and to organise SIRT masterclasses and workshops.

This network has an academic focus, and is independent of commissioning and service considerations. The SUN website has a secure members' only discussion forum to allow clinicians to hold private and secure exchanges of views on all aspects of the SIRT procedure and patient outcomes. The site also provides freely available academic resources which we encourage you to access.

Clinical Information

For further information on the clinical information related to SIRT, please click on the following links:

Patient Information

There is a designated site for SIRT patients, their families and carers called My SIRT Story.

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There is a restricted access forum for all clinicians involved in the SIRT procedure to help share best practice and experiences.

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